How to make impossible things possible

Your strength doesn't come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level.
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Dutch Open NK 2018

By accident I got in touch with compound archery. I wanted to buy a bow for my daughter and I realized I liked it myself. True to myself I started to train with passion again with the help and knowledge of Johan van Dongen of Archery Service Center. I participated in the National Championship compound archery in 2018. I only had train 7 months because the sport was new for me.

With the help of people who know me I have been able to accomplish and I am very grateful to them all. A network around you and people who understand you are so important. Niels who is talking with me for my self confidence before the shoot start.

The first person in the blue shirt is Joris, who helped me with the training for 6 months and I accidentally stood next to him in a blue shirt of our club Ace-Xclusive. The club is very accessible for anyone who immediately removes a shame threshold because you are a beginner.

Looking back, I am proud. With all the setbacks I experienced in my life, I went through with my life. I found a passion again and look towards the future once more.

I am with the first 32 after Qualification and I start 7 months ago with this sport.

Prove to yourself that you are more than just a person with problems. I’ve done it twice so it’s definitely a reason that you try it at least once.

Veni vidi vici    –     I came, I saw, I conquered