How to make impossible things possible

Your strength doesn't come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level.
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The accidents and the consequences

The image of the car that approaches me on high speed is still etched in my head.

As the driver keeps looking to his left, I see his car closing in on me on high speed.

I panicked and thought: look in front of you, but he doesn’t and I was stuck. I was anticipating the crash…. And the crash came.

Not only physically but also mentally.

I gravely injured my head and I got multiple physical injuries. A long recovery period started in Groot Klimmendaal in Arnhem. I was in despair.

I wasn’t able to do anything, I became nothing, while I tried to keep my life under control, and it was still slowly slipping away from me. I developed an anxiety disorder and my body didn’t function well anymore.

My relationship broke down and I was alone.

I tried to continue working from home, to be able to participate in society, but with pain in my heart I was forced to give it up.

I couldn’t do it anymore.

Despite all the limitations I had due to the accident, I started running therapy. I threw myself on triathlon training . And I participated in a quarter triathlon and was ready to do the full triathlon in Cannes… till disaster struck again.


I collided with a van with my racing bike. And the result was disastrous. I had a Dens fracture, which means I broke my neck, but against all expectations of the doctors I survived. The price I had to pay was very steep.

I had been married again, but also this time my relationship failed to survive all this. Again I was alone. Alone with my body that wanted to give up. Only determination kept me going. My love for music I had to give up as well, because I developed a tinnitus. I had started training for my triathlons again after breaking my neck, but after two accidents in 2016 and 2017 I had to abandon this as well.

I didn’t know the purpose of my life anymore. I had always been a sportsman. Passionate in every thing I undertook. I was left with nothing and I had sold everything I loved. My bikes, my music studio and every goodbye felt like I was dying little by little. I didn’t recognize the man I had become.

By accident I got in touch with compound archery. I wanted to buy a bow for my daughter and I realized I liked it myself. True to myself I started to train with passion again with the help and knowledge of Johan van Dongen of Archery Service Center. I participated in the National Championship compound archery in 2018.

Looking back on my life, I am proud. With all the setbacks I experienced in my life, I went through with my life. I found a passion again and look towards the future once more.

Veni vidi vici

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